Why This Blog?

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new blog! To quote Dr. Richard Mayer, researcher and author of books such as Multimedia Learning,

“I am intrigued by the idea that we can improve people’s learning by incorporating effective graphics into verbal material.”

Even moreso, I realize that presentation design is an art and a science. I hope to explore the many aspects and considerations of presentation design in this blog.

Specifically, I think there are two distinct parts to teaching and learning presentation design. First: deciding what to do? By this, I mean how to display the idea, transfer knowledge, maintain attention, maximize retention, etc… This is where the education principles, multimedia learning principles, adult learning principles, and other key ideas come in.

The second part is: how to do it? There are several key software skills that apply across all presentation or even video/podcasting software that every medical educator should be familiar with.

I hope to distinguish this blog from others by teaching the skills necessary to enhance visual presentations along with the best evidence and principles behind the ideas.



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