Presentation by Dr. Stacey Poznanski

At the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine meeting in 2013, I discovered a person that loves presentation design as much as I do. I am hoping that she joins me soon on this blog, as well. Her name is Dr. Stacey Poznanski. She was gracious enough to share some of her slides from a presentation she gave with 3 colleagues at the 2013 Society for Academic Emergency Medicine meeting. I was also humbled that she chose to use some of my slides in her own presentation.



Another Great Presentation by Dr. Trevonne Thompson

As I mentioned in the last post, I spent last weekend in beautiful Toronto, Canada for the annual National Medical Association meeting. One of the highlights of the meeting is always to learn from one of my presentation design mentors, Trevonne Thompson. He was gracious enough to let me add his presentation to the website.

His presentations are always clean, crisp, and concise. I plan on taking a few cues from this one as well, including the subtle white on blue slide template that doesn’t sacrifice a lot of the space on the slide while still adding color.


Good times.